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Frequently Asked Employment Questions and Answers

Contact Information

Human Resources
1231 11th Street, Modesto
Mon. - Fri, 8am. to 5pm
(209) 526-7341

MID Job Line
(Pre-recorded list of openings)
(209) 526-7364

  • What are your Business Hours?

    The Modesto Irrigation District business offices are open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • How can I find out which positions are open at MID?

    All current job openings are listed on our website, You may also call our pre-recorded job line at (209) 526-7364
  • How can I obtain a job application?

    Visit the MID Human Resources Department Careers page. We now accept all applications online.
  • Can I submit a paper application?

    No. We now accept all applications online.
  • Will you accept an application for a job that is not open currently?

    • No. MID accepts applications only for current job openings.  If interested in being notified when a particular job becomes available, submit a Job Interest Card.
  • What is a Job Interest Card?

    • A Job Interest Card is completed online by an applicant for positions that are not currently open.  You will be notified via email when a position opens that matches your criteria. 
  • Can I fax or e-mail an application?

    • Due to the large volume, we do not accept applications via fax or email. You must submit a completed application online before 5:00 pm on the listed final filing date in order to be considered for an open position.
  • Are resumes accepted instead of an application?

    • No. You must complete an application for each job opening. You may upload a resume and/or supplemental documents to the application.
  • Do I need to list all of my previous job experience even if it does not relate to the position for which I am applying?

    • Yes. You should list all of your past experience, in particular the experience that qualifies you for the position and be sure to include any required certificates or transcripts. 
  • Does MID have a Job Line?

    • Yes. Call the Job Line at (209) 526-7364 for a recording of job information.
    • Call the Human Resources Department, (209) 526-7341, with your questions.
  • Is a separate application required for each position applied for?

    • Yes. Each position applied for requires a separate MID application.
  • I have a question regarding the status of my application. Who do I contact?

    • All notifications and correspondence are sent via e-mail. If your email account has a spam blocker activated, it may reject our notifications as an unrecognized email address. In case this happens, you may want to check your spam mail periodically for any email notifications. Also make sure your email is entered correctly. Both situations can cause the notifications to be returned as "undeliverable."

      As a feature of the online application system you are now able to log into your personal account with neogov.comand check on your application status. If you do not find the information you are looking for, then you may call the Human Resources Department at (209) 526-7341 for assistance.
  • Is there a specific number of applications MID will accept for any posted job?

    • No. Recruitments are open until filled and may close at any time depending upon the number of qualified applicants. In order to guarantee consideration, your application would need to be submitted prior to the date listed in the job announcement.
  • How do I know if I meet the qualifications for a job opening?

    • Upon review of the job announcement, pay close attention to the “Minimum Qualifications” section. This section will outline the education and experience requirements for a position. Please keep in mind the examination process for any opening is built upon the minimum qualifications as outlined in the job announcement. MID reserves the right to screen applications to the best qualified based on the quality of the applicant pool.
  • Are written examinations required for all advertised positions?

    • Not all jobs require a job-related examination. When an exam is required, the job announcement includes that information.   Qualified applicants are notified via email of the exam time and date.
  • How often are Job Openings advertised?

    • MID begins recruiting applicants for a position only when a job is available.